Eine Videopräsentation: „The missing link between the Midori Traveler’s notebook and your regular A5 notebook“

Eine sehr nette Bloggerin aus Frankreich hat sich unser X17 Produkt (A5) mal genauer angeschaut und dazu ein kleines Video gedreht.

I really love my X17 cognac leather A5 and I think X17 really deserves more attention from stationery and notebook lovers. It is the perfect missing link between the pleasure of a leather traveler’s notebook and your regular A5 Moleskine like notebook.


Their well thought design doesn’t allow the notebooks inside to move (I forgot to mention the inserts are dented to). It combines the advantages of both. I had tried buying A5 traveler’s notebooks from makers before but they end up being fairly bulky and disappointing. This one is a well-made and well-thought notebook that has no bulk, stays flat… And the leather is absolutely gorgeous, the most beautiful of my collection so far.

Vielen Dank!

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