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X17 - The only "real ring notebook" because only X17 uses real rings!

X17 Notebook: Your notebook for everything.

Each X17 Notebook can hold two to four insert booklets. We currently have 15 different types of insert booklets for each format size and are continually adding more insert booklets to our selection.
That's why an X17 Notebook can be used for anything! For example, you can use it as a:

  1. Personal Planner
  2. Notebook
  3. Diary
  4. Idea Notebook
  5. Appointment Planner
  6. Time Planner
  7. Calendar
  8. Household Notebook
  9. Teacher's Calendar
  10. Address Book
  11. Hiking/Backpacking Journal
  12. Pilgrimage Journal
  13. Traveling Journal
  14. Personal Organizer
  15. And much, much more.

X17 uses a book-by-book system, which means that we use bounded insert booklets rather than loose-leaf insert pages. Strong and flexible rubber band rings hold these insert booklets perfectly in place along the binding of your X17 Notebook. The idea is so simple that one asks oneself, why didn't anyone come across this idea earlier?

One Idea - Four Uses

At the very beginning, our goal was to develop an alternative to the "traditional ring notebook". We wanted to design a notebook that wasn't so bulky, that wasn't so thick, and that would allow you to freely and easily write on the left-hand side of the page. And that's how our X17 Notebook came into being, initially planned as a personal organizer with a calendar.

Then the idea took off and developed a whole new set of dynamics. More and more ideas began to surface for other ways to use this new notebook technology. New applications for the notebook were added to the design plan, for example, a concept for a teachers' planner and a pilgrimage journal. We are currently developing our newest concept for a family calendar and industry customers are working on their own concepts as well.

The X17 Family Of Notebooks Has Many Outstanding Features. X17 Notebooks Are...

  • .. Slimmer than a metal ring notebook.
  • .. Slimmer than most notebook calendars.
  • .. Slimmer than most notebooks.
  • .. Adaptable - you can remove and reinsert many different kinds of insert booklets - whatever you need to fit your needs.
  • .. Ecological - our notebook covers can last a lifetime. (This holds true for our leather, leather fiber materials and polypropylene covers.)
  • .. Practical - even the left-hand side of the page is easy and comfortable to write on, without any cumbersome metal ring notebook mechanism to get in your way.
  • .. Made to have more writable area than a traditional ring notebook.
  • .. Available in 7 different cover materials!
  • .. A German innovation, patented and trademarked.
  • .. Purely made in Germany!

X17 Notebooks Are Available In Several Different Materials:

  • Pure leather.
  • Bonded Leather.
  • NylSkin (nylon-like material).
  • Balacron (plastic+paperboard).
  • Polypropylen.
For more: see "materials"

X17-Notes - Notebooks Reinvented

Less is more - especially when it comes to something that you always need to carry with you. X17-Notes are fitted with one insert booklet, which is bounded in a paper cover.

This notebook technology opens up the door to new possibilities: Having a notebook with a high-quality leather cover, having a very slim notebook that could become your new friend for life!

X17-Notes: The Contents Change, But The Cover Remains

Standard notebooks usually contain loose-leaf pages that can be filed after they have been used.

This system, however, most often leads to using cheap materials for the notebook cover, instead of high-quality materials (Moleskine u ses a simple plastic material for its covers). Cheap materials are often used by other companies because they want their customers to purchase an entirely new notebook after the old one has been used up.

With X17-Notes, this is all different. Our notebook covers are high-quality covers that can be reused over and over. Whether you choose to purchase our leather covers, leather fiber covers or polypropylene covers, these sturdy covers will stay with you year after year and offer you the flexibility of changing your insert booklet contents without having to buy an entirely new notebook!

17 Year Notebook Cover Guaranty!

Since we are so convinced of the quality of our notebook covers, we offer our customers a 17 year guaranty on our notebook covers made of leather and leather fiber material.

Guaranty Upgrade

Perhaps you have purchased one of our simple Balacron X17-Notes notebooks and now want to upgrade to one of our leather notebooks. It's as easy as moving your insert booklet from one notebook to the next! Simply practical!