Bullet Journal Award 2018 (EN.)

There are wonderful bullet journals! The best ones get a prize! Hand  in your bullet journal in our competition and win one of the best prices!


What is there to win?

There are 50 prices, donated by X17, Staedtler and Kaweco. The first five prices is price money. Also there are different goods intimately connected with self-organisation and bullet journaling.

Who can join?


Everyone who created a bullet journal system of self-organisation. It doesn’t have to be in terms of Ryder Caroll. It should be an individual, selfmade, decorated, painted, glued, scatchnoted… book. Just hand in what you‘ve  created!

This is how you take part:

  1. Send us an email with your name and your adress and you automatically sign up. You can directly apply here:
  2. You will get a General Data Protection Regulation Paper, so nobody can take us in court (that’s how the new world is)
  3. Please accept the Paper and submit it together with your pictures or scans of your bullet journal.
  4. You‘ll get a confirmation and officially take part in our contest!
  5. Entry deadline: Sunday, 2.12.2018, 00.00 h
  6. All winners will get a notification on Wednesday, december 12th. You will also get published on our homepage if we have your permission. Maybe there will be an award show.

How do we rate?

We are not quite sure yet how we rate your journal but there will definitely be a jury and also there will be a chance to collect „likes“ , so the community has a chance to rate too.

General Criteria:

  • industrial skills
  • creativity
  • general view
  • smart ideas


Who is our jury?

  • Britta Olsen, management of STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG
  • Diana Meier-Soriat, blogger and author,
  • Beate Winkler, artist, tutor, author of Zentangle,
  • Michael Gutberlet, head of KAWECO
  • Stefan Ernst, creative purchaser „Manufactum“
  • Christian Mähler,
  • Markus Rödder, blogger
  • Matthias Büttner, author  of books and calendars, general manager of X17 and X47


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